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Army general's death ruled a suicide 
WASHINGTON — The Army acknowledged Friday that Maj. Gen. John Rossi committed suicide on July 31, making him the highest-ranking soldier ever to have taken his own life. Rossi, who was 55, was just two days from pinning on his third star and taking ...

Slip of the tongue may undercut Donald Trump's minority outreach 
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appears at a campaign event in Geneva, Ohio, October 27, 2016. Campaigning across Ohio Thursday, Donald Trump continued to question Hillary Clinton’s fitness for office, ramping up his pitch to minority voters.

U.N. Says ISIS Executes 230 People, Uses Tens of Thousands as Human Shields 
The U.N. says ISIS has abducted tens of thousands of civilians whom it will likely use as human shields in the city of Mosul. The extremist group has forced almost 8,000 families to leave their homes, probably as a tactic to defend Mosul from the U.S ...

What Your Blood Type Says About Your Health 
Quick: What’s your blood type? If you’re scratching your head, you may be missing out on an important health clue. A spate of recent research suggests that your blood type—whether A, B, AB, or O—may influence your risk for a variety of health ...

Bundy brothers remain jailed following attorney's outburst in Oregon courtroom 
The Bundy brothers remained in jail Friday following a “stunning” acquittal a day earlier in a courtroom that erupted into chaos after an attorney yelled at a judge for their release, resulting in him being subdued with a stun gun and arrested.

Trump, GOP seize on new Clinton cash revelations to revive 'pay-to-play' charge 
Donald Trump and fellow Republicans are reviving long-simmering allegations of murky deals and ‘pay-to-play’ surrounding the Clintons, in the wake of new revelations from WikiLeaks-published emails about how the family, their foundation and the Hillary ...

Hillary Clinton Could Win In A Landslide But Still Lose D.C. 
WASHINGTON ― If trends continue ― and it’s only 11 days until Election Day ― Donald Trump could set a record, garnering a smaller percentage of the popular vote than even hapless Democrat George McGovern in 1972. But that won’t produce an Era of ...

Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in Two Years 
The U.S. economy grew at its fastest pace in two years in the third quarter as a surge in exports and a rebound in inventory investment offset a slowdown in consumer spending. Gross domestic product increased at a 2.9 percent annual rate after rising at a ...

UW-Madison student charged in alleged attacks on 5 women 
(CNN)One woman's allegations of sexual assault against a University of Wisconsin student led to multiple charges based on claims from five women Alec Cook, 20, appeared in Dane County Circuit Court Thursday to hear the charges against him. He faces 14 ...

141 Arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline Protest as Police Move In 
Police arrested 141 people at a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota today as officers attempted to disperse the crowd, authorities said.

Jury awards more than $70M to woman in J&J baby powder cancer lawusit 
A California woman has been awarded more than $70 million after she claimed in a lawsuit that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder caused her cancer. In a trial that began Sept. 26, Deborah Giannecchini of Modesto, Calif. alleged that her ovarian cancer ...

Feds: Phony Pornographer Blackmailed Women for Sex 
Before the world’s worst wedding photographer allegedly entrapped women in a sex-for-money scam, feds say he Googled “rape by deception,” “rape by deception kansas,” and “illegal to trick girls into sleeping with you.” Mario Antoine, 33, was ...

Oregon Standoff Leaders Acquitted For Malheur Wildlife Refuge Takeover 
All defendants in the trial of seven militia members who took part in an armed takeover of a U.S. wildlife refuge in Oregon were acquitted of conspiracy charges on Thursday. The defendants contended their seizure of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in ...

A look at singers who hooked up with their backup dancers amidst Mariah Carey, James Packer fallout 
Mariah Carey and her billionaire beau James Packer broke off their engagement when one of Carey’s cute backup dancers created a whirlwind of jealously during filming of “Mariah’s World.” Packer was reportedly growing tired of his fiance’s ...

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